The beginning...

It started with a moving experience. Then the desire to share the story. I went to the person I knew would be perfect to help me make it happen.

Sophie is not only a dear friend, but an accomplished film-maker. When she said she was on board for this project, I knew that we would be the perfect team.

Shakti Pictures was formed in October 2010.

The first thing we did was form a company and get the domain. Then Sophie (with me looking over her shoulder) built the website. We cut a promo from the footage that I had from my trip in the spring. I can't believe how fortunate it was that I was so snap-happy when I was in Jumla, not having any idea that the pictures would be put to use so quickly. Everything came together in such a way that I knew we were doing the right thing.

Now we are established as a business and are the process of applying for fiscal sponsorship and various grants. There is so much to do in the coming year and I can't wait!