Shakti Pictures is a visual arts and documentary film company.

Our mission is to tell powerful and compelling stories in a visually beautiful way.

Our desire is to explore diverse cultures, producing, presenting and preserving the essence of human narrative, with a focus on women and their differing roles in society. 

Our vision is to reach past the boundaries of culture, language and literacy through visual storytelling.

We have now completed shooting. We have been to Jumla four times in the last two years to document the lives of our friends and examine the changes in the community.

Now we have moved into the next phase: post-production. Working on the footage, reviewing, translating, and weaving together our story.

This community, these women and the lives they lead put in perspective what is truly important in life. This project has certainly been a humbling journey for us.

See for yourself why these stories need to be told.

Watch the video/production update with footage
and behind the scenes commentary from our first two shoots in Jumla.

Check out Shakti Pictures' blog
for periodic updates on the project's progress.

We are thrilled to announce the successful
completion of our campaign to raise funds
for our final shooting dates in 2013.

Thank you to everyone for making this posssible.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our supporters around the world:

Michael Kastenbaum, Joel House, Nina Smith, Jean Arundale, Michelle Krusiec,
Erica Apollo, Carine van Vugt, Sam Pow, Nori Takei, Caitlin Hunt Brody,
Daniel James, Anneliese Golubic, Guinevere Tufnell, Lizl Peter, Diana Laurillard,
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