"Look out Gal Gadot: documentary subject Nisha Budha is the new Wonder Woman" - San Antonio Current - August 2nd, 2017

Our Mission


Shakti Pictures


SHAKTI def: from Sanskrit shak - "to be able"
meaning sacred force or empowerment
the concept of personification of
divine feminine creative power

Who we are

Shakti Pictures is a visual arts and documentary film company. Our mission is to tell powerful and compelling stories which explore diverse cultures.  Our vision is that the films, while fostering socio-economic development, will also help the peoples of the region preserve and draw upon their rich cultural heritages as assets for the future.  With a focus on women and on mountain societies,  our vision is to reach past the boundaries of culture, language and literacy using cinematic storytelling.

After an extraordinary experience volunteering in the Himalayas of western Nepal, Miranda knew that she wanted to continue working with the women she encountered as well as share the inspiration she found from the people and place.

She turned to Sophie, longtime friend and award-winning filmmaker to collaborate on their first project. With a shared sense of adventure and creative vision they joined forces to make a documentary film about the women of Jumla, Nepal,  a remote region in the Himalayas.

Shakti Pictures was born.

Miranda Morton Yap  has worked as a facilitator, coordinator, producer and organizer in the creative arts for over a decade. She has worked in a variety of capacities for multiple projects ranging from commercials and short films, stage productions, as well as booking bands on tours and producing fundraising charity events.

In recent years, she has spent time exploring the globe. The inspiration she found on those journeys sparked a desire to share the stories of the vibrant people and colourful places she encountered. Combining her professional experience with her interest in people and culture has culminated in her venture into documentary filmmaking and the establishment of Shakti Pictures.  More at Miranda's blog "mirandatravelsblog" 

Sophie Dia Pegrum  is a British American film director and documentary cinematographer who has produced and shot films in the Antarctic, at the North Pole and in the Himalayas. Her documentary films include "77 Below", shot on the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica and featuring artist Lita Albuquerque and her ephemeral art installation "Stellar Axis". The award winning "Talking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom" was shot on the border with Tibet in the high Himalaya.  

As well as collaborations with Shakti Pictures, she is the co-owner of film production company Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust which is producing a series of documentaries about rare equine cultures.  More at "sophiepegrum.com"