Though a legal recognition of a third gender ranks Nepal as a leader in transgender rights, the reality of transforming from son to daughter is fraught with obstacles. Despite this, Meghna Lama has a dauntless attitude and spirited laugh - both a powerful reminder of not only what it is to be transgender in Nepal, but ultimately, what it is to be human.

Meghna’s sweeping strength of character is reflected in her truth and openness, and in her willingness to share her experiences as a transgender woman in Kathmandu.  We encounter her world and a window into Nepali culture, framed by an unapologetically frank interview with her mother and a journey through Meghna’s day-to-day experiences.    Through the course of filming she successfully opened her second restaurant “Pink Tiffany”, the first of its kind in the bustling tourist heart of Kathmandu. 

We are excited to share Meghna's story with the world, beginning in her home town of Kathmandu.

Documentary Film - 45 Minutes

Meghna has been incredibly open with us, as has her family.  We hope that this story will inspire other families with transgender sons and daughters to accept their children and their choices.