Rubina By Night” is a day in the life of Rudra Bahadur Bhujel, a young transgender woman, born as a boy.  Rudra migrated from the Terai to Kathmandu, for education and work, and every afternoon she transforms into an attractive and sexy girl, Rubina, to go out into the Kathmandu night to ply her trade as a sex worker.

Employment discrimination is a major problem for Nepal’s transgender community, despite an “other” gender category on identification documents that was sanctioned by the Supreme Court a decade ago.  This official acceptance hasn’t led to greater acceptance in society. Many transgender people live in poverty, even though they have the education and skills necessary for well-paying jobs, and some are compelled into the sex trade to survive.  

This 13 minute documentary is a portrait of Rubina’s memories, experiences and an observation of her daily metamorphosis. It is also an exploration of the personal price paid from making a living by engaging in sex work.