Daughters of the Curved Moon


This film was shot in Jumla, West Nepal over four shoots spanning two years. During filming, we were able to immerse ourselves in village life in this remote mountain community in a unique and valuable way. With the aid of our wonderful team of Jumla locals, Soraj Shahi and Nisha Budha, we were given the opportunity to capture an intimate portrait of this fascinating social landscape - managing the technical aspects of shooting, without overpowering our surroundings. The fact that we were shooting in Soraj and Nisha’s own society, gave us a heightened intimacy with our characters and subject matter. Shooting Nisha’s family and friends in her village, gave the interviews a personal edge that we could not have achieved otherwise. It was her interactions, and voice that added a layer of familiarity and authenticity to the film. As shooting progressed it became clear that Nisha was much more than just our guide and assistant, but a key and integral part of our story. Over the shooting period, as Nisha returned to Jumla to visit her family and village, we were riveted to observe her struggle to reconcile progress and tradition. Her experience of this was the narrative on which the story was built. Nisha’s understanding and interaction with her community evolved to become the focus of the film. Her spirit and personality took us all on a remarkable and personal journey, one that we hope to share through this documentary film.
— Miranda Morton Yap & Sophie Dia Pegrum

Excerpts and behind the scenes commentary from the footage from shoots I & II