Daughters of the Curved Moon is Shakti Pictures’ inaugural project, a documentary set in the Himalayas of western Nepal in a district called Jumla. An extraordinary young woman takes us on a journey to a land rarely seen.  Through her trials and tribulations, the film exposes the traditional role of women in this remote, rural part of the country and invites us to celebrate her inspiring break with the bonds of tradition.  While telling the story of this unique and charismatic young woman, our intention is to raise awareness of the plight of women in this society whilst sharing a message of hope that things can, and are changing, one woman at a time.

Set with the backdrop of the stunning Himalayas, this beautiful and underdeveloped region of Nepal is on the verge of significant change. A push to create a tourism economy is starting to alter the lives and livelihoods of the local population. In addition, the political landscape of Nepal is going through a major shift. Though long overdue and painfully drawn out, a new constitution is in the works that purports to be redressing the balance of gender inequality. A new generation of women are starting to realise that they have choices and that education and training can give them the tools to make a better life.

Interview with the filmmakers about the project here: We Are Moving Stories


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Talking to the Air: The Horses of the Last Forbidden Kingdom was a co-production of Horsefly Films Rare Equine Trust, Shakti Pictures and Adventure Nepal Productions.   The film had its world premiere to sold out crowds at the prestigious Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival in December 2014 and premiered in the US at the Silver Springs International Film Festival where it won Best Feature Documentary.

To bring back this story we traveled to a remote part of the Himalayas, where Tibetan Buddhists have survived with the horse as central to their culture and spiritual lives.   The film illustrates the vivid history of Mustang, a remote Kingdom, shuttered to foreigners until recently.  The Himalaya are the backdrop for colorful and lively horse festivals and the film includes rare archival footage of the Dalai Lama escaping on horseback across the Himalaya to India   Many other evocative stories and interviews complete this entirely new angle on the amazingly adapted horses of this region -  an animal considered as being alive with the natural power of the world as well as a delicate vessel for the fortune of their caretakers. The film features the Royal Family of Mustang, Buddhist Priests and the daring riders of this high Himalayan region – a culture vanishing before our eyes.  


Shakti Pictures recently began shooting another project in Nepal.  While editing “Daughters of the Curved Moon” we crossed paths with an interesting woman living in Kathmandu. The sole remaining son in her family, Meghna Lama, from Jhapa, transitioned into her identity as a woman over the last decade.  Similar to “Daughters of the Curved Moon”, this short documentary focusses on a remarkable woman and her life navigating the ups and downs of tradition and family.  Ultimately, it is about the unique, and in this case, unusual relationship between a mother and her daughter. 

Meghna has been incredibly open with us, as has her family.  We hope that this story will inspire other families with transgender sons and daughters to accept their children and their choices.